Established in 2019

Candid is a free speech social networking app where people from around the world can let out their inner feelings. Though the app can be used by anyone and everyone who wishes to say something keeping his/her identity completely confidential, its makers say it was created keeping women in mind as they are the most vulnerable section of the society.

For centuries, human beings have had this innate desire to voice their opinions and express themselves to others. Social media has proved to be a marvel for this, giving us a platform to reach out to people not just nearby but across the world. But with multiple aspects of people’s identities visible on social media, there is a gap which is exploited by trolls and online abusers that doesn’t allow people to be completely open about their opinions & emotions as they always feel threatened by these unwanted characters before posting even a single word online.

We look forward to your stay.

Ojaswi and Harish


To take the social media platform to the next level with our integrated effort.


To become the India’s one and only fully trusted social media platform.


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